How to Get a License for Internet Gambling Games ?

Licensing of internet gambling games is implemented in accordance with the laws of RA   "On Licensing" մասին" , "On State Duties”,   "On Gambling ,Internet Gambling games and Casinos”, and  Decree 1164-N of the GoA "On Gambling , Internet Gambling games and Casinos” adopted on July 29, 2004.
The license for the organization of internet gambling games is issued for an indefinite term, . The license is provided within 23 working days (if necessary ,may be extended for another 23 working days )after filing in of all the required documentation, and is based on the opinion issued by the Commission on Licensing Lotteries, Internet Gambling games ,Gambling and Casinos.
To receive a license, the applicants have to submit  the application form and other required documents to the Ministry of Finance of RA. The documents can be submitted electronically in accordance with the  Decision N 1283 of the Government of the Republic of Armenia  dating back to September 24, 2010.
According to the law of RA “On State Duties” the annual fee for the license to organize internet gambling games is AMD 600 000 000.
In order to get internet gambling game license ,the applicants have to pay to the State Treasury account number 900005162616 AMD 600 000 000 which will enable not to submit to the licensing authority a document confirming the payment.

Declaration on “Gambling, internet gambling games and casinos “ in compliance with requirements imposed by 4.1 Article of the RA law.


For further information call the following phone number: (+37411) 800-368