The existing state electronic payment system ( allows making electronic payments of state duties, tax liabilities, local taxes, as well as payments levied for services rendered by state or local self-government authorities.

The payments may be fulfilled via ARCA or MasterCard payment cards or via ARCA virtual card.

The system receives also community payments (e.g. property tax, land tax, garbage removal payment etc.), from all communities of Yerevan and from Gyumri and Vanadzor Cities. In future, the system will include other communities of RA as well.

The citizens of RA being in foreign countries and citizens of other countries can make payments for consular services (e.g. receiving of passport, entry visa etc.).

For all issues connected with the work of the system you may go to:, or contact by phone: 060 700 272.

For entering the system click here.

Payments can be made also via banking system.