The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia is a republican body of executive authority which develops and implements the policy of the RA Government in the spheres of state revenue formation and spending, public finance management, including budgetary process organization, internal financial control (including internal audit), state regulation and coordination of the procurement process, financial-budgetary supervision, public debt management, accounting, audit activity, games, as well as ensuring the work done towards development  and implementation of financial-economic, credit, financial market unified policy, regulation of the activity in the sphere of precious metals, formation of revenue of community budgets.

The mission of the Ministry of Finance is to contribute to the development of economy: to establish macroeconomic stability through efficient public finance management, fiscal policy, as well as coordination of the latter and monetary policy, creating a basis for ensuring inclusive economic growth and efficient redistribution of GDP.

Applying the international best practice and increasing the professionalism of the Ministry’s staff, creating a culture of conscientious performance of duties, the RA Ministry of Finance ensures the transparency and discipline of public finance management.