The Treasury Direct of the RA Ministry of Finance conducts direct sales, recording and servicing of issued Government Treasury Securities. While purchasing Government Treasury Securities through the Treasury Direct, the investors collaborate with the Government.

The Treasury Direct aims at supporting those citizens who are willing to invest their savings safely and reliably. The RA citizens and overseas citizens are entitled to purchase Government Treasury Securities through the Treasury Direct.

While obtaining Government Treasury Securities through Treasury Direct of the RA Ministry of Finance investor’s generated income is exempt from any taxation, and Treasury Direct services it's investors without any kind of commission.

Government Treasury Securities are issued according to the RA Government Decree N 381-N, dated on 13 April, 2017.

T-bills, Medium and Long Terms coupon bonds are being allocated directly by the Treasury Direct up to ten percent of the allocation volume of the bond or up to ten percent of the maximum volume of the range announced for each bond. While purchasing mid-term and long-term coupon bonds, the holders receive their income within a defined period of time through semiannual coupons, and in case of T-bills – in the end of the defined period.

Saving coupon bonds are being allocated only by the Treasury Direct System through free placement within the period of time defined according to the decree of the Minister of Finance and they are sold solely to physical persons. These bonds may be issued from 3 months to 25 years of maturity and be sold either at par value or at premium to par value. While purchasing Saving coupon bonds, the investors receive their income through quarterly, semiannually or annually coupons within a defined period of time.

Saving coupon bonds are not subject to collateralization, donation, purchase or sales. However, in the days of buyback the holders have chance to return Saving coupon bonds to the issuer and receive the whole yield income calculated for the period up to the buyback.

It is possible to obtain Government Treasury Securities through the Treasury Direct by visiting Treasury Direct service centers located within the commercial banks in Yerevan or through the “” online system.

For obtaining Government Treasury Securities via the online system, it is necessary to register in the system with the identification card, to receive a username and password and then log in. Those physical persons who do not have identification card may receive the username and password at the one of service centers of the Treasury Direct.

Addresses of the Treasury Direct service centers:

  • 23/1 Amiryan str., the office of AEB;
  • 24 Tigran Mets str., Erebuni branch of Ardshinbank;
  • 49 Komitas Street, “Central” branch office of Converse Bank.


For details, please contact the Treasury Direct at (+37411)910-422 (+37411)910-423

Treasury Direct