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RA Law "On Freedom of Information"


RA Law on Freedom of Information, Article 7 - Ensuring Access to and Publicity of Information


1) works and services implemented (subject to implementation) for the public;

2) budget;

3) forms for written inquiries and the instructions for filling them;

4) staff list, as well as officials' names, surnames, education, profession, position, work phone numbers, e-mail addresses;

5) hiring procedures and vacancies;

6) the impact on the environment;

7) public events programs;

8) the order, date, time and place of reception of citizens;

9) pricing procedures, prices (tariffs) in the field of works and services;

10) list of available information and procedure for its use;

11) statistical and summary data on requests received, including grounds for refusal;

12) the sources of processing or obtaining the information set forth herein;

13) data of the person authorized to clarify the information set forth herein.