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  • How to Return or Redefine an Incorrectly or Overpaid Transferred Amount?

    If you have made an incorrect payment, or have transferred more money than required to the RA State budget Treasury accounts, you can apply to the RA Ministry of Finance for a refund or a redefining of the amount by filling in the  attached application form.
    Attached to the application form the legal or physical entity has to submit the original documents confirming the payment, in particular, the receipt, and the payment order. If the payment was made through the state e-payment system, the generated check or the 20-digit code of the state e-payment system can serve as a document confirming the payment, as well as the reference of the charging authority justifying the circumstances of the refund.
    If the authority who performed the charging is unknown, one needs to access the Treasury accounts section of the website, find the appropriate account number, where the name of the account manager authority is also mentioned.
    If the application is submitted by an authorized person, attached to the documents required for a refund or a redefining has to be also presented credential authorized by the Notary .
    if the payments were made in the name of underage individuals, the application is submitted in the name of one of the parents, and attached to the documents justifying the refund have to be presented copies of birth certificates.

    In case of a refund, the application has to also specify the bank requisites, i.e. the name of the bank and the branch where the applicant should get the refunded money, and passport data /serial number, issued by, copy/. If there is a bank account available, the passport data is not mandatory.

    In case of redefining, the correct Treasury account number should be mentioned in the application .

    If all the above mentioned documents are submitted, the applicant will be notified about the completion of the transaction /refund or redefining of money/ within 5 business days.

    For additional information call the following phone number: 060 700-273

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