Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can Participate in the Exams of Qualifying Internal Auditors?

    According to the requirements of the RA Government Decree N 176-N adopted on 13 February 2014 the exams held for the purpose of qualification of internal Auditors (hereinafter exam) can be participated in by citizens with higher education,

    1) who have not been recognized unable or disabled ,

    2)who do not have a conviction for intended crimes,

    3)who have not been deprived of the right to hold a position or be engaged in activities in the financial and economic fields,

    4)whose application filed by the Authorized Body for participation in the examination within the previous 3 years has not been denied by the Authorized Body on the basis of submitting false and / or inaccurate information in the required documents.

    Application package for internal auditor qualification exam:

    In order to take part in the exams, you need to submit below- mentioned documents to the authorized person either personally or electronically. (
    ( Through electronic system documents are being submitted in accordance with the GoA Law Decree 176-N dating back to September 24.2010)


  • How to Submit a Notification on Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise?

    Any relations concerning the activities of “Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise" notification are regulated in accordance with the RA Law on "Notification of Activity Implementation" and  RA "State Duties."
    Legal entities and individuals, as well as individual entrepreneurs who submit to the RA Ministry of Finance   the notification and attached documents set out by the GoA decision 673-N on "Setting Regulations to notification forms, defined procedures on keeping registration scrapbooks and announcing data of the registered entities " dating back to June 30,2016 are entitled to carry out notification activities. The documents can be submitted either personally or electronically.
    According to the RA Law on “State duties“ the annual fee for implementation of "Veterinary-Sanitary Expertise" activity is as follows :
    1.Legal entities AMD 50 000 (Account 900005162822)
    2.Physical entities AMD 10 000(Account 900005162822)
    In order to obtain the right to implement "Veterinary-sanitary expertise" activity the applicant has to pay the state duty prescribed by law and to submit the receipt or the check generated through the state e-payment system or the 20-digit code of the receipt to the appropriate authority.
    The registration, suspension and termination of the individuals implementing "Veterinary-sanitary expertise" as well as other activities are regulated by RA law on “Notification of Activity Implementation” and “State Duties”.

    For further information call the following phone number: (+37411) 800-367

  • What Are The Requirements To Get A Student Loan?

    This programme is an alternative tool for education financing enabling students to receive loans during the studying and to repay the loans after graduating.
    The loans are provided to students with an annual interest rate of 12%, 2% of which is subsidized by the state. Subsidy by the state will make up 3% for the students with high performance .
    The loans are provided with a maturity of up to 10 years, with a grace period of maximum 4 years, meaning that during this period only the interest rates are paid.
    Each student is provided with a total amount of AMD 1.800.000 with 4 tranches not exceeding AMD 450.000 depending on the tuition fee for each profession.

    For more information on the programme you may apply to  "Home for youth"  refinancing credit organization.